The Customer Journey Goes Digital

Easy onboarding, administration and operations

Digital onboarding of your staff
Digital onboarding of your staff
API integration with your ERP system
API integration with your ERP system
Personal guidance and support service
Personal guidance and support service
Self-served customer journey
Self-served customer journey

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Learn how new tech is changing the way customers interact with your workshop

Learn how new tech is changing the way customers interact with your workshop

Easy check-in

Check-in for cars to be repaired around the clock

Customer payment

Payment for the workshop invoice is secured

Easy checkout

Checkout as a self-service outside opening hours

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There’s a digital revolution happening, and it’s impacting the automotive sector.

Benefits for car owner / customer

Flexibility and freedom

  • Avoid rush hour traffic in the morning and afternoon when delivering and picking up a car – opening hours correlate with rush hour traffic
  • Opportunity to prioritize dinner with family and own and the family’s leisure activities rather than stopping by the workshop to pick up a car in the afternoon
  • Avoid having to skip meetings and adapt the working day to the workshop
  • Possibility to pick up the car the same day, even if the repair goes beyond closing time

Saves a lot of time

  • Avoid queuing at customer reception
  • Possibility of delivery and pick-up of a car without visiting
  • Possibility of delivery and pickup of car 100% self-served (something especially younger people appreciate)
  • Less time spent delivering and picking up a car as the customer can do it on their own terms

Safety and security

Security for car owners when handing in and handing out a key
No risk of theft and copying of key
Reduced risk of infection


How to manage?

For the management

  • Dashboard overview of cars that are to be finished, paid for and picked up.
  • For customer service representatives
  • Used as a digital support function during and outside opening hours.
  • Easier planning and handling, removes rush in the morning and afternoon.

For the workshop

  • The mechanics use Sharebox as a resource planning tool and see when planned cars are actually delivered.
  • Repairs that are completed after closing time are delivered in Sharebox to give mechanics a flexible overtime solution

Less unplanned overtime

  • Delivery outside opening hours is handled by Sharebox.
  • The solution is also used throughout the day to reduce the pressure on the front desk

Location of Sharebox

  • Sharebox is placed near the front door, where it is easily visible and accessible to car owners

Invoicing, collection and debt collection

  • Payment solution integrated in Klarna makes the use of invoices unnecessary.
  • The payment is confirmed through a third party and integrated with the company’s own ERP / DMS system to save time fro accounting

Rent / loan car

  • Rental / loan car can be delivered outside opening hours
  • Cooperation with external car rental companies
  • Handling of loan / rental car to reduce rush at customer service representatives


  • The marketing focuses on the safety and security that Sharebox provides, in addition to the increased flexibility car owners will get when using Sharebox


  • Digital communication through Sharebox instead of telephone can standardize and automate the message flow between customer service representative and car owner

The information is based on responses from customer surveys.


Certified and Insurance Approved

Certified and Insurance Approved

EN 1143-1 Certification

RISE Research Institute of Sweden

FG approval

Forsikringsselskapenes Godkjenningsnevnd (FG)


Danske SikringsGuiden

About Certifications
Aftermarket Manager
Aftermarket Manager
We are pleased with Sharebox. The solution works as a cheap employee who works both late and early, and can stand out in the rain without sick leave and overtime. We have saved the cost of the solution after a short time in operation
Manager Workshop
Manager Workshop
We finally have a safe solution for the handover of the key outside business hours. The fact that payment is also handled saves us a lot of time and improves profitability
Workshop Owner
Workshop Owner
For a small repair shop, Sharebox pays off when we can save a lot by avoiding invoicing, invoice follow-up and debt collection. In addition to more efficient customer management and work for the mechanics
Manager Workshop
Manager Workshop
Submission in Sharebox means that the customer service representative gets a calmer start to the day, and that the repair shop has less downtime in the morning and can get started with the day's jobs faster
Frame agreements

Frame agreements

For brands & chains

Sharebox Service Station are designed to provide a streamlined outdoor check-in and checkout process at any dealership and workshop service lane. Provide a seamless first touchpoint at your service lane that improves customer satisfaction and increases revenue. Self-service are the digital cornerstone for meeting customer demands while allowing the dealership and workshop to maintain control of the experience.

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