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In this paragraph we´ll go thru how customers can drop off their car, get a loaner, pick it up after service, and even do payment at any time.

The days of taking time off work to get the ailing car to or from a dealership or service workshop could soon be over. Sharebox has launched a new around-the-clock digital service station that’s imaginatively called the 24/7 ServiceStation, in which customers can drop off cars for service and pick them up anytime.

Computerized service desk

That doesn’t necessarily sound revolutionary – many dealerships already have an after-hours drop off box for keys, and most will accept payment over the phone and lock keys in the car when repairs are done. So long as your customers have an extra key fob, they can pick up their repaired car whenever they want.

Sharebox’s new solution goes a bit beyond that, however. What if your customers require a loaner car? Or what if they show up to a very busy service department while on their lunch break? The new 24/7 ServiceStation basically functions like a computerized service desk in a security approved safe. Your customers use their phone and deposit keys into the station, and if they also require a loaner vehicle, the station will dispense the keys. The only extra step required is to set up the appointment beforehand, which can be done online or with a phone call to your service front desk staff.

Simple self-serviced check-out

When service work is complete, customers receive a text message notifying them that work is done, along with a link for mobile payment of the work if it wasn’t under warranty. Afterwards a security code to use at the station is received. They return to the 24/7 ServiceStation to complete the process.

If a loaner car was involved, the station can also facilitate the return, and it will do all of the above at any time, day or night. Furthermore, if your customers just need to rent a car for any reason, the service station will handle everything.

The idea behind the 24/7 ServiceStation is to save time for both customers, car dealerships and workshops, as a cost effective step in an automotive world that’s becoming increasingly automated with little-to-no human interaction

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