Easy Check-In Experience

Quick facts

Self-served customer journey
Self-served customer journey
Integrated with bank & payment solutions
Integrated with bank & payment solutions
24/7 International support service
24/7 International support service
Easy check-in and better operations
Easy check-in and better operations

Trusted by Leading Brands

  • Trusted by Leading Brands
  • Trusted by Leading Brands
  • Trusted by Leading Brands
  • Trusted by Leading Brands
  • Trusted by Leading Brands
  • Trusted by Leading Brands

Self-Service Terminals

Indoor self-service terminals offer superfast self-led check in to increase revenue, reduce queues and improve operations.


Sharebox integrates with your DMS system – offering a self-led check-in, improved efficiency and upsell options.

  • Aluminium freestanding terminal
  • Colour: Black or white
  • Height 1725 mm – width 542 mm – depth 153 mm
  • Stainless steel frame and lockers
  • 32 key lockers for Check-In & Check-Out
  • 15″ Beetronics touchscreen monitor
  • On-screen signature
  • QR code reader
  • Integrated with dealership DMS
  • ID control & driver licence
  • Self-served Drop-In
  • SMS invitation for Check-In
  • SMS invitation for Check-Out
  • Payment by PayPal, Nets, Klarna
  • Account Adminweb desktop
  • Open API & webhooks


Benefits for car owner/customer

Flexibility and freedom

  • Self-served Drop In within opening hours
  • Possibility to pick up the keys self-served

Saves a lot of time

  • Avoid queuing at customer reception
  • Delivery and pick-up 100 % contactless

DMS integrated workflow

  • Indoor connected terminal
  • 32 independent lockers
  • 15″ touch screen monitor


Dealerships & workshops

Overview of customer information

  • Dashboard overview of Drop In and check out with payment
  • Easier planning and handling removes rush and queuing

Less unplanned peak check-ins

  • Check-ins during opening hours by self-service
  • Check out to reduce the pressure on the front desk

Invoicing, collection and debt collection

  • Payment solution integrated with DMS system

Rent / loan car

  • Rental/loan car from the self-served terminal
  • Reduce peak at customer service team

Indoor cabinet

€7100 Setup fee
36 Months Contract Hire agreement
Business plans

Integration Partners

Discover all the benefits of the Sharebox Indoor Terminal and experience what we can do for your dealership today.

Payment processing

DMS integrations

Vehicle damage check

Customer ID verification

Driver license validation

Electronic signature