The new After Sales 24/7
Digital Workshop Kiosk

Covering the Customer Journey

Key Drop-off

We in Škoda Auto strongly believe that digital tools will have a positive impact on customer experience and satisfaction, since utilization of modern digital tools comes along with more efficient and convenient services.

From the 12 presented digital tools, we would like to highlight Key Drop-off, contactless car key handover at specific drop-off point available 24/7.

Secure hardware with a strong brand image

s32 Outdoor

  • Key Drop-off – 24/7 outdoor
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Certified according to EN 1143
  • 32 key compartments
  • 355 kg + 250 kg concrete block
  • Internal 4G module (additional backup)
  • Alarm secured
  • Produced in Scandinavia

i16 / i32 Indoor

  • Key Drop-off – indoor facilities
  • 16 resp. 32 key compartments
  • 60kg / 110kg
  • Internal 4G module (additional backup)
  • Produced in Scandinavia



What does the ordering process for the After Sales Kiosks look like?
The After Sales Kiosk can be ordered directly from the supplier “Sharebox”.

Is it possible to individualize the After Sales Kiosk?
The hardware and software comply with the company/brand CD guidelines and will be adopted for company/brand operations.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, there is no minimum order quantity.

How quickly can the After Sales Kiosk be delivered?
If the desired quantity is available in stock, Sharebox can make it available for shipment within 3 weeks including setup, branding and factory tests. The shipment time is usually three days to one week.

Is the installation of After Sales Kiosks complicated?
When planned correctly, the installation can be completed within a few hours with a site survey upfront. Sharebox has a program to follow for site surveys and installation with local resources.

How is service support regulated for the After Sales Kiosk?
The supplier and regional service providers provide service support. At the moment the 1st level 24/support is offered in English, German, Italian and Scandinavian languages. For all other languages, please get in touch with Sharebox directly to establish the requested language.

Where can the After Sales Kiosk be installed?
The Sharebox s32 model is classified as safe according to EN 1143-1 and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It can therefore be installed in any desired location. The unit should be protected from direct sun heating, rain, sand or weather conditions. The other Sharebox models like the i16 and i32 are designed for indoor operation only.

Is a market-specific adaptation of customer journeys possible?
Yes, but additions/adjustments are best coordinated with the company/brand department centrally.

Is it possible to integrate external systems?
Yes, preferred DMS systems, payment gateways, ID & electronic signature are available via API and can be integrated by the Sharebox team at an additional cost.