Sharebox Delivery Program

Buying Process

Identifying Needs/Research
Supplier Identification
Seek info on Sharebox web
Watch demo video
eCommerce Online
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Evaluation and Comparison
PO Purchase Order
e-Sign Agreement
Payment according to T&C

Delivery and Implementation

Order received
Warehouse / Manufacturing
Kiosks Available
Setup of kiosks
Setup of system account
Setup of Adminweb for users
API Integrations
FAT Factory Acceptance Test
Packed in wooden boxes
Shipped to HUB / Site
Site Survey program
Site Acceptance Test
Kiosk Commissioned

Post-Purchase Support

Kiosks in Operation
Online Training Center
Customer Journeys
Supply Chain Management
Customer Service

Evaluation of Performance

Customer Journey / Workflow
Data reports
Upgrade Integrations
Customization and Scalability
Security and Compliance
CRM/Customer Success

Customer Support and Service

SLA – Service Level Agreement
Response Time in Support Scenarios
Assist businesses in troubleshooting
24/7 Multilanguage Customer Support
Customer Ticket Portal
Maintenance Windows

Contact |

Tel +47 4043 44 00