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Malin Gulsrud, Country Manager Sharebox Italy

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My conclusion is: The box does exactly what it is supposed to do. It improves our customer service by allowing convenient key collection outside opening hours at an affordable price. This applies in both directions: collecting the completed vehicle is also possible, as is paying for the work carried out before the key are picked up. This is without question a digitalization project with direct customer benefits.

Christoph Haumann, CEO Autohaus Trompeter, Volkswagen, Lünen, Germany

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What does the ordering process for
Sharebox kiosk look like?
The Sharebox Service kiosk can be ordered
directly from the supplier “Sharebox”.

Is it possible to use the Sharebox kiosk
for/with multiple brands?
Yes, either in the provided company/brand
CI or in a neutral CI.

Is it possible to individualize the
Sharebox kiosk?
The hardware and software comply with
the company/brand CD guidelines and
will be adopted for company/brand

Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, there is no minimum order quantity.

How quickly can the Sharebox kiosk
be delivered?
If the desired quantity is available in
stock, Sharebox can make it available
for delivery within 3 weeks including
setup and factory tests.
The shipment period is usually three
days to one week.

Is the installation complicated?
The installation can be completed within
a few hours when planned correctly with
a site survey upfront.

How is service support regulated for
the Sharebox kiosk?
At the moment the 1st level
24/7 support is offered in English,
German, Italian and Scandinavian
languages. For all other languages,
please contact Sharebox directly.

Where can the Sharebox kiosk be
The Sharebox s32 kiosk is classified
as safe according to EN 1143-1 and is
suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
The hardware should be protected from
direct sun heating, rain, sand or weather
conditions. The other Sharebox kiosk
models m28, i32 and w64 are designed
for indoor operation.

Is a brand-specific adaptation of
customer journeys possible?
Yes, but additions/adjustments are best
coordinated with the company/brand
department centrally.

Is it possible to integrate external systems?
Yes, local software systems, ID and electronic
signature, payment gateways, etc. can
be integrated by the Sharebox team at
an additional cost.