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Commercial name: SHAREBOX AS
Headquarter: Vesterveien 173, 4817 His, Norway
Organization number: 916 660 626 MVA

How to make SMS openings:

How To Do App Openings:

Sharebox Daily renews every 24 hours and allows to add only one recipient. The subscription ends when the recipient has collected the key from the Sharebox. Choose this if you are only sharing your key this one time.

Sharebox Monthly renews every month and allows multiple recipients with unlimited openings. It also allows recipients to put back the shared key in your Sharebox as long as they are still added as a recipient. Choose this if you frequently are sharing keys and would like your guests to return the key in your Sharebox after check out.

App openings

Recipients can download the app as well and open directly from the app. Information goes out in the text message. When installing the app, access is for security reasons linked to the recipients phone number meaning that the recipient need to register the same phone number in the app as you used for the check-in.

SMS openings

Recipients have the option to open the Sharebox by sending a text message. Sharebox access is for security reasons linked to the recipients phone number. Meaning the recipient send the text message from the phone number that you added as recipient including the pin code they ‘ve received in the text message and the Sharebox location id:

  1. The location id is found on the Sharebox cabinet (bottom right corner)
  2. The text message sent from Sharebox includes the pin code
  3. Recipient send SMS/ TEXT message to (+47) 41 71 63 63 containing:
    SHAREBOX OPEN  [pin code] [location id]
  4. Recipient must send the text message from the mobile number that has been granted access
  5. The locker will open – your recipient can collect the key
  6. And remember to close the locker


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