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Smarter Self-Service Kiosks

We help you implement digital strategies and leverage the world of self-served UX for your customers, operators and team members.

w64 Sharebox Kiosk

Automated dialogue and sign-offs

With Sharebox, customers enjoy the flexibility of retrieving their car keys anytime, improving their service experience.

Business benefits

Reduced overhead

Spend less time managing keys and overseeing car handovers, freeing up your staff for other tasks


Anti-theft kiosks with a smart system that logs all events.

Upsale opportunities

Feature extra accessories and services to customers.

Customer satisfaction

Provide a modern, digital experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers

Operational Efficiency

Streamline your operations with automated systems. Reduce potential for error and increase efficiency.

Increased Accessibility

Offer round-the-clock service, even outside opening hours. Increase revenue opportunities.

Improved efficiency

Fast, convenient and simple car handover at the kiosk or using a mobile device to every customer at the right moment.

Seamless software and system integration

Sharebox easily integrates with industry-standard software and payment solutions, simplifying operations and customer transactions.

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Comprehensive service add-Ons

Comprehensive service add-ons

Manage who has access to your facilities, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter

Digital signature

Verify customer identity with ease, adding an extra layer of security to transactions

Parking maps

Help customers locate their vehicles quickly with detailed parking maps

Courtesy car handling

Manage your courtesy car fleet efficiently, enhancing customer service

Digital ID check

Verify customer identity with ease, adding an extra layer of security to transactions

Payment integration

Simplify billing and payment with integrated solutions that save time and reduce errors