Reseller & Partner Program

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Why become a Reseller/Partner?

Have you been asking yourself how you’ll
expand your revenue? A well-designed and
well-executed Sharebox Reseller Partner
Program might just be the answer.
Multibillion-dollar IT businesses owe their
success to powerful reseller programs.

What is a reseller partner program?

Sharebox partner program is a business
strategy that we employ to boost sales, foster
relationships, and expand our user base by
enlisting partners who can resell Sharebox’s
products to the partner’s market.

How do we find good resellers?

We invite resellers that can truly add
value to our business. The highest-performing
resellers typically share a few traits

Strategic alignment:
They resonate with our brand’s goals and
vision, with both parties working towards the
same objectives.

Product knowledge:
They have a strong understanding of the
nuances of our products or services,
enabling them to represent our offerings
accurately and compellingly.

Customer network:
They possess an extensive network of
potential customers, providing a springboard
for our products or services into new markets.

How it works.

Comprehensive Training and Resources:
Sharebox invests in providing its resellers with
top-notch training and educational
resources. This equips them with
in-depth knowledge of the platform, email
marketing, and sales process, empowering
them to market and sell to potential clients

Dedicated Support:
Sharebox offers exceptional support to its
reseller partners, ensuring they have access
to a team of experts to assist with technical
documentation, troubleshooting, and
addressing any pain points that may arise
during the sales process.

Innovative Features:
Sharebox continuously updates and enhances
its platform to stay ahead in the market.
Reseller partners benefit from the latest
key features and tools, giving them a
competitive edge over competitors.

Executive Support:
Sharebox’s commitment to its resellers extends
to executive support. Resellers receive guidance
and strategic direction from the company’s
top executives, fostering a deeper
understanding of the market and

Business benefits

Reduced workload

Spend less time managing check in and check out, freeing up staff for other tasks

High security

Anti-theft kiosks with a smart system that logs all events, including data safety.

Upsale opportunities

Feature extra accessories and services to customers.

Customer satisfaction

Provide a modern, digital experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers

Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations with automated systems. Reduce potential for error and increase efficiency.

Increased Accessibility

Offer round-the-clock service, even outside opening hours and increase revenue opportunities.

Open APIs

Seamlessly and securely share data through a technologically-advanced, partner-friendly Open APIs. Discover, test and implement APIs with automated tooling that adjusts to the end-to-end processes. Our backbone platform helps compliment and enhance the development of workflow with familiar Open API standards.

Open API´s Ecosystem

Got a question?

Our Reseller and Partner Programs are
always successful when no strategic stone
is left unturned. Each of the steps has a
significant impact on the program’s outcome,
which is all about improving marketing, a
broad-based customer network, and,
eventually, business development.

The Sharebox hardware and open APIs could be a full-fledged and integrated asset in your portfolio that automate and self-serve key drop-off 24/7, including the applications that complete the end-to-end service.

Bjart Andersen, Sales Director, Sharebox

Comprehensive customer journeys

Online check in

Let the end customer do check in on their smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Digital signature

Have the customer digital sign documents with ease, an extra layer to transactions.

Digital parking map

Help customers locate their vehicles quickly with detailed parking maps.

Courtesy car handling

Manage the courtesy car fleet efficiently, enhancing customer service

Digital ID check

Verify customer identity with ease, adding an extra layer of security to transactions

Payment gateways

Simplify billing and payment with online check out that save time.

Let´s have a meeting

The Sharebox team assists in the creation
of smooth-running reseller partner programs.
We aid your team at every stage of the process,
allowing them to expand and track the
performance of the partnership programs
with us.