The Technology To Create
Superior Customer Experiences

Designing the customer experience as
self-served with a fully automatic key
delivery and pick-up system, increase
customer satisfaction, reduce costs and
increase sales.

The Service Station is a full-fledged solution that assists us with key drop-off and collection 24/7, including the payment solutions that optimize and digitize the customer ecosystem.

Kjetil Barli, Aftermarket Service Manager, Official Audi and Volkswagen Dealership, Norway.

How to delight customers and create moments that matter

Sharebox s32 Outdoor

Suitable for outdoor installation
24/7 customer service
Certified according to EN 1143
32 key compartments
355 kg
Online connected operation
Internal 4G GSM backup
Alarm secured
Optional series installation
Scandinavian design, fabrication

Sharebox i32 Indoor

Suitable for indoor installation
Self-served operation
15″ HD touch-screen
Burglary Resistant
32 key compartments
Online connected operation
Internal 4G GSM backup
Optional series installations
Scandinavian design, fabrication