About Sharebox

Sharebox is a technology platform that brings everything automotive and mobility companies need to deliver a best-in-class customer experience into one place.

Our crafted, self-service solution and hardware helps aftermarket dealerships and rental operation teams grow with technology and tools that are powerful and future oriented.

Specialities: Aftermarket Service Visit Management, Car Hire Check In Management, Self-service Customer Journeys, Unmanned Operations, Hardware, Reporting & ROI

How it works: Target your customers with self-service check-in and checkout, document e-signature, ID control and payment workflows. Enables automotive and mobility businesses to easily operate customer journeys from first interaction and booking all the way through to checkout to measure a true ROI of self-service.








Better understand ROI:
Allows you to fully understand which of your customer journeys are influencing your bottom line so you can draw a direct line between self-service, and return on your technology spend so you will never again struggle to prove the ROI of your self-service.

Easy to use:
When you connect your customer journey and internal workflow and the Sharebox portal, you can easily turn on customized features, check-in syncing, and apply your check out workflow.
Once connected, customers check-in and check out will automatically flow into your Sharebox account.